702 Pools LLC
We do everything but, build them!

Weekly Pool Service
Our weekly pool service is the most comprehensive available. It's simple... you don't do anything. We do everything needed to keep your pool clean plus:
  • Weekly equipment inspections to keep your pool clean till the next weekly servicing.
  • Filter servicing included. We'll backwash your sand filter or tear down and clean the cartridges of your cartridge or D.E. filter.
  • ALL CHEMICALS INCLUDED. Beyond the basics needed we include conditioner, algaecide, or even salt. If  your pool needs it, we put it in!
  • We even include tile cleaning. We brush your tile every week. It won't remove scaling but it will slow down it's development.
  • Receive a discount on repairs or replacement equipment.
Equipment Repair
We can repair or replace any manufactures components, from filters and pumps, to today's more hi-tech equipment such as salt 
      systems and automated cleaning systems.

  • Free estimates on all repairs.
  • We will repair or replace your equipment with only new parts from trusted and proven manufacturers.
  • All work guaranteed.

Pool Makeover
      Before you renovate, call us! Don't spend thousands of dollars renovating before you call us. A lot can be done before you replaster /
      re-pebble your pool
  • Acid Wash - An acid wash can remove years of scaling, removing stains and deposits that make your plaster feel rough. No more bleeding feet.
  • Tile Repair - Whether it's one piece or the whole pool, new tile is a fantastic way to make your pool look like new.
  • Pool painting? - Yes, a pool can be painted, and it's great. With paint especially made for the harsh conditions which is pool water, a painted pool looks brand new and smooth as a baby's...well, you know.

Everything Else

If there's something we left out, call us anyways because we do that too, and if we don't, it has nothing to do with pools. We're
     looking forward to your call.

Call us Toll-free: 855-702-POOL (7665)

Email us:  info@702-pools.com